Message – 4am Group

4am Group is a conglomerate comprising of Secen (7) different companies that ventures into different aspect of business activities.
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Welcome to 4am Group. My name is Arif Mohammad, the MD and Chairman of the 4am Group.

4am Group started in 2002 with 3 staffs with flexi desk In Dammam Saudi Arbia. Here we are today, as a glob- ally recognized Group, located in major countries, with services that cut across different sectors of the economy.

The mandate of the Group right from inception is to be consistent about growth, committed to quality services, and incorporate innovation as the Group aspires to reach its full potentials. As such, we continue to evolve, increase our staff strength, open new offices, record landmark success, expand our services, and become a driving force in the global economy.

It is delightful to note that with the resources we have within the Group and the continuous capital investment made available, success becomes achievable, and clients who patronize any of the companies within the Group enjoy high-quality services worth every penny they spend.

We are passionate about building lasting and successful relationships with clients while maintaining standard practices and the highest quality services. We are proud of our team of employees who are the driving force behind the success of the Group. As such, we ensure that our working environments are inspirational, friendly, and designed to bring out the best in the individuals.

We will continue to add value to staff and clients. Thank you for being a part of the 4am Group.

Arif Mohammad
Managing Director & Chairman